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I want to die, I have to vote, 5/5 would watch again and cry.

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The inspiration is extremely clear, so I won't fault you for sounding almost exactly like them (in fact, it's a plus since you got it pretty spot on). The basses could hit just a slight bit harder, probably more along the lines of mixing them to be more pronounced in the track over sound design. The key change is definitely impressive, and very seamlessly done. The only thing missing here is just more simplistic layers to add complexity and it would be 5 stars in my book. Keep it up man, you're working with gold talent!

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks, means a lot to hear from you dude <3

Every instrument sounds organic and real, and THAT is what impresses me the most. What really caught my attention was the drums, those are outstanding, even if the pattern is simple (what are you using for them?). Very well done, not to mention it matches the art very well!

This was harsh on the ears, to say the least. The first 15 seconds go well, the melody and drums are on point. After that, however, the addition of the basses over that not only drown out the drums, but also make it seem like it's transitioning between radio stations. If you're going to put basses over a melody, do so gently and gradually by highpassing it in.

As for the drop itself... it's both all over the place at the same time that it doesn't have any really interesting variation. The drums are entirely drowned out by everything going on, which is odd, because I'm pretty sure you were sidechaining already in the intro (tip for dubstep: Sidechain everything to the kick and the snare, those two things need to be the loudest thing in your mix).

Your main bass is what sounds like the result of an overenthusiastic discovery of FMing sine waves, and only sine waves. The key to making basses more interesting is harmonics, which did NOT happen in this. As for the rest of the basses, I can't pass judgement because I can't hear them.
Like at all.

Which brings me to my next point, for the love of ears everywhere, give everything a place in the mix and STOP just boosting volume and high frequencies to make things heard. There's so much clipping in this, to the point that it's hard to hear it because it's all at 0dB the entire time (I'd know, I opened Audacity and started a desktop audio recording and the drop is just a solid bar that peaks constantly). I did this myself when I started, and I didn't stop doing it for a while, but trust me, it makes everything sound that much better when you actually mix and master properly, even if you just attempt it. I'm almost positive this would have a solid 4 stars if everything could be heard, but it can't, which is why people are attacking the "randomness" of the drop.

In any case, there's a lot you need to work on. BUT, if you recall, the intro is well done, and actually catches my ear. When you finish this, if you aren't opposed to it, I'd like to have the stems to remix this, I've got a few ideas to implement.

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Had the demo of FLS so I couldn't save and it crashed and I forgot the notes. But I can tell you the scale, it was C# D# F G# A# and all of the classical instruments were made with DSK Overture. I'm trying to make this work with no budget and little to no knowledge on music theory. I've taken Music as my option but I'm only in Y9 so I don't know much. I've pretty much just taught myself everything I know and took a few tutorials so I hope that explains why this track turned out the way it did.

Clearly with the ratings this is getting this isn't good, I guess it's just lack of knowledge, I dunno; I don't feel it's a bad idea and I don't think the loops were bad. I don't really get how this turned out to be so hated. BTW I actually tried sidechaining my kicks and snares because it sounded effective, but the effects of the channels I was sidechaining them to were being applied to them as if I had linked the channels instead sidechained them. IDK how to fix that. Also I did try to vary the frequency usage with maximus, but every time I boosted the low or mid end I got a real muddy unpleasant sound.

I just make music I want to hear. Before you ask, I use FL 12. I also strive to make my music without loops or presets.

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